India's first The registry Collection Resort
Welcome To Rangers Reserve
"In all things of nature, There is something of the marvelous"
The Rangers Reserve was created on a virgin hill where nature still exists as it did for centuries. Every care was taken to maintain ecology by not cutting even a single tree and enforcing a seamless blend of design, luxury and topography, so that man could view wonders of the wild exactly the way nature created it. Our belief that we live on land leased from nature led us passionately to preserve the natural heritage in difference to our love for flora and fauna of the region. That is why we dedicated this marvelous home to the nature, to which it belongs.

As you take the diversion on the rugged terrain leading to the resort, it is dramatic transformation into dream world of quite luxury, right amid the wildlife reserve. Wake up and take your steps in the beautifully designed haven of peace and tranquility. The Rangers Reserve stands majestically, all by itself. It's only neighbor is the nature all around, as far as your eyes travel. Where the only sound you may hear is a melodious bird song.

Whether you want to explore the wild of the jungle, or simply unwind in the tranquil environs all round, The Rangers Reserve offers the opportunity to indulge all your senses and refresh the mind and body with an orchestra of bird song, the fragrance of the flora and the thrill of action in the jungle. The warmth, courtesy and thoughtfulness of our staff with attentive service guarantee a comfortable and relaxing stay. Come, take your experience at The Rangers Reserve to a different level.
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